What should I do?

I want to work from home. I currently manage a company doing payroll, state reporting, working with a multitude of people, contractors, suppliers, lawyers, bankers, accountants, creating brochures, newsletters, businesscards, at one time. I managed 3 companies for the same owner…I’ve done it all. My husband does project Estimating. We both work at the same place. It’s just me, husband, and owner that work together. I work 2 days, commute 250 miles weekly, and the other days I work at my home office. I want to eventually stop working there, and only work from home. Not sure how to advertise myself.

Hi Pansey,

So I work in the tech industry and it is known for having people work from home. It is so easy to do these days because of the web and all the telecom tools like Slack and GoToMeeting. If you want to work for a company from home I would encourage you to create a real nice profile on LinkedIn all about the experience and skills you have. Make networking connections with people there. And even write some blog posts on your page relevant to your field. You can also connect with companies you want to work for or research new companies. I found it really helpful when I was job hunting and today connecting with people in my field.

I agree with Dexter Money, LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your professional expertise and find lots of great opportunities.