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I graduated from college in March for Medical Billing and Coding, but it’s hard to find a job in this field without certification. I’m trying to find a great work from home job in this field that doesn’t require a certification because I’m unable to pay for the certification test at this moment. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like you’re going into a growing field – congrats! Have you considered medical data entry? Doing a quick web search, there are plenty of remote work options there, which would hopefully be lucrative enough so you can save for your certification test.

When I was job-hunting, LinkedIn was my go-to source for finding jobs to apply to, so I’d also recommend having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile if you don’t already.


Try freelancing (upwork, fiverr, toptal) or look for WFH jobs at Indeed, Monster or LinkedIn. This is where you can get your day job from. Just include in your cover letter to be considered even without certification so the employer is aware upfront.

Should you need a side hustle with you, PennyHoarder offer a tons of ideas. For example, renting out stuff you don’t use much to people near you like the platform My Garage Rentals. Like Airbnb but for your stuff.

Best of luck!

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