Are there any * legitimate * wfh jobs??

I’ve always written content for textbroker, but like other content mills, I’m finding it just isn’t worth it to slave over an awesome article all day (that I can’t even keep the rights to) all to make $5-8. I applied at a few ‘chat agent’ remote jobs that I was SURE I had it in my cards to win…got to the second interview on BOTH and answered those questions flawlessly. In both cases, I got a generic email saying they were going to pick someone else…

I have a long work history of customer service, am a very fast typist, and would prefer if I just dealt with people via chat, but could handle inbound calls if need be. While I work on the inventory for my ebay store and study how to trade stocks, I’d like to not have to think about where the money is coming from , and just do the job and help people. If anyone has any suggestions it would be awesome!

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Hi @manderz.panderz – We regularly update The Penny Hoarder’s Work-From-Home Jobs portal with new listings. You can take a look here! We also posted a helpful resource last week – it highlights 32 companies that regularly employee remote workers. I hope that helps!


Hi, it depends on your skillsets. If someone’s offering $5-8 to write a well-written, well-edited article, then they’re severely underpaying for what the skill’s worth.

I think for a lot of cases if you want to have more money on online jobs, you need to build up a portfolio so you can have leverage to negotiate a higher paying position.

For online jobs I’ve found 2 patterns:

  1. People that always have unrealistic expectations and aren’t willing to pay for skill (like the $5-8 that you speak of). Or

  2. The job themselves don’t require skills.

I think there are definitely jobs out there that are more higher paying and fit a skillset. If you’re writing articles for people, you should definitely be paid more especially if they’re good. It might just take a bit more vetting on various websites to find the right opportunity? I’ve hired on Upwork before and have had longer-term business relationships with contractors (and it’s more expensive than other platforms generally), as an example.

On the flip side, there are just cheap jobs that are $3-5/hr and they’re priced appropriately because they’re meant for overseas remote workers where the position doesn’t require any skill. I’d avoid this based on your situation.


It really depends on what you are looking for. Yes, there are some good companies out there. Depending on what you want; so clarify your “Why” Ask yourself: Why do I want to work from home? What will it help me accomplish? Then, are you looking for supplemental income or replacing a “job.”? What will my life look like a year from now? 5-years from now? etc.

I was looking for a products based company. It had to be something that people were using regularly, it couldn’t be something a person purchases one or two times and that is it. So, when I found it I had to be a product of the product. I had to be using it; and I do. The company I partnered with has over 450 products so I was successful at finding the product base. It has to be something that you are proud of doing and can grow with the company. Also, when you are looking for a company look at their growth record, whose in the company, how long have they been there; etc. When I finally found mine I knew it was right. I am happy to help other people too. So, whatever company you do you want to not be afraid to partner and work with others. Sometimes, working from home can be too isolating. So, I like a combination of working from my computer but also meeting people locally wherever I am at; if I am traveling I can meet local people but I can do everything online as well.

When you find the right thing you will know it. What are you looking for?

Hope this helps a little. Good luck.


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Another site to earn money that is legitimate is called “My Garage Rentals”. The difference is that with this one, you can make money out of the things you already own (camera, tools, costumes, etc.) and rent them out to people near you. You don’t have to face your laptop/computer in loooong, grueling hours just for you to earn. I highly recommend this because it’s really passive and has a lot of potentials. This is a good additional side hustle. It’s free to sign up and list your items so you should really try.

No need to be techy because it’s fairly straightforward and easy

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They list thousands of jobs for working from home. Also, type into your search bar any large company name and go to their jobs page, most post work from home jobs also, like insurance companies as an example. Good luck.