Part-Time Remote Opportunities

I am hoping to find a part-time situation that I can do remotely via telecommuting - something like proofreading or copy editing. Does anyone have any contacts or suggestions?


@ansonia Welcome to the community! I have seen some Penny Hoarders make some good money doing online transcription through a company like – also, I have seen some buzzing around about as well. Check those out!


Thank you Theodora. I appreciate your suggestions and will check those out.

Hi @ansonia, I made a post a while back that breaks down the most popular industries that offer remote job options. Check out that thread here, https://community.thepennyhoar…-work-from-home-jobs

That link has more general information, btw. If you’re looking for fresh remote job opportunities, browse The Penny Hoarder’s remote jobs portal.

I am also interested in proofreading on the side with the added benefit that I am a T-SQL programmer and can read/edit code. Any ‘tech’ proofreading tips?