groceries from a salvage store

my husband and i just returned from our local salvage grocery store. we love buying pepperidge farms oatmeal bread and HB buns for 0.99 cents and their shortbread cookies 3 bags for $1.00. we also got frozen ground beef for $3.18 a lb.our local store sells more than food. we never know what will be there but i love my new silver sequined sandals for $3.99. if you do not have such a store in your town, check the next town or 2 over. There was a car from Arkansas in the parking lot and 2 amish familes there. it’s at least 50 miles to Arkansas and 30 miles to our nearest amish community. our favorite family story was a mom w/5 school aged boys w/ a grocery cart piled high w/ meat! she paid w/ cash! people there are always sharing w/ other shoppers how they used certain items we are looking at but are unsure as to how we will use them. or a new flavor of cake mix or cookie mix we have never seen. we never see such neighborlyness at the local grocery. but we did find 15 bananas for 0.79 there this past week. we NEED both stores. make saving money on groceries or shoes your new family hobby. Shelia Wright


Awesome! There aren’t salvage stores in my area. I remember going to a salvage store in the 80s in Louisville, KY.

There is a store somewhat like the one you are taking about and it is my favorite store- my money is always limited so this store is great value for me

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I go to the one in my town nearly every week! I love buying name brand and many healthy and organic brand items for a fraction of the cost of a regular store! All because the packaging is slightly damaged or it’s reaching the expiration date! I get practically all my cereal there too for $1.75 a box!

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Keep up the good shopping habits. yes, our salvage store often sells truck loads of groceries that got to the store too late for the loss leader that was advertised…we live right squat in the middle of the U.S.A. and there are lots of natural disasters that slow the trucks on the road. that’s great news for those of us on limited budgets. that is honestly all of us! who among us got a random extra $500.00 a week from our employer? i worked 2+ years at a bank and we often had box loads of cash money that came in for deposit and i never got a bonus, nor did any employee. we just went to work and counted all those bills that came in , in large cardboard boxes.

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There were several we could visit, when we lived in PA, (one was a distance from our home so we’d go infrequently). As you said, they are wonderful. The closer one was more like a regular grocery store and we would do the majority of our shopping there and fill in with the other local stores. (They didn’t carry fresh meats, but eventually got produce and dairy products.) The one further away though was a marvel. Banana boxes filled with miscellaneous items, one of a kind, and shelves and shelves of like products. It was huge. Not only were the prices awesome, it was an adventure finding great stuff. Like Nance’s Sharp and Creamy mustard, 75 cents, a bag of Gevalia coffee, $1.99, that kind of stuff. // Here in CA, the closest we have to it is a Grocery Outlet. Not as random, but still fun.


Yes,it’s always an adventure to see what I can find there!

shelia wright, todays best buys at a local salvage store was 10cent 8oz.tomato sauce. we also scored full size pillsbury brownie mix for 50cents a box. let’s all keep up the good work of saving money on groceries.

There is one of those stores about 20 or so miles from us, they are reluctant to advertise the name brand so they abbreviate, not to hard to figure out…CB for Cracker Barrel. Their items are from damaged crates, quality is still there. Prices are more than reasonable. Gotta admit some of the items are a bit off beat, you wonder who would like them. How much Pumpkin spice can you handle-coffee, creamer, pastries, bread, ice cream, cake mix? That flavor seems to never just go away. We have gotten some fantastic items from them, all in all. They do a good job.

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