Grocery shopping for lower prices

I am presently driving to and shopping 3 different grocery stores to compare prices. Publix, Walmart and Aldi’s. Walmart and Aldi’s are pretty close in price so I am realizing it might not be worth driving to Aldi’s just to save a few pennies, plus their inventory is very small compared to Walmart’s. I love Publix the best but their prices are so high. I guess I am paying for good customer service and good products. Walmart CS is horrible. Aldi’s is good if you can find someone. Example: 2% gallon of milk at Publix $4.19, Walmart $2.75 and Aldi’s $2.29. I have to go to Publix because I don’t eat any cold cuts other than Boar’s Head and a couple of other items I can’t get at the other two. Walmart has most of what I need and if you can eat Aldi’s brand name of products Clancy’s which is very comparable in taste to Walmart’s or Publix’s generic brand, you will save with their low prices. Is it worth driving to 3 stores, not really, but in my case two is a must.

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Grocery shopping is one area where I need some work when it comes to thinking about the financial implications.

I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart when my wife makes a list, but I find myself shopping at more expensive stores quite often because of convenience sake.

I do like some of the stuff Aldi has to offer, but the nearest one to us is about 20 min drive which makes it not worth the price. They are building one here in town though which I am sure we will visit once they open and probably end up shopping there a little more often.

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I am fortunate in that I have four grocery stores in my area, three within half a mile of one another. I can get all four ads online and buy my groceries based on what is on sale. I’ve made friends with the managers and know when meats get discounted and displayed.


I have 2 main stores, Aldi and Kroger. Aldi is where I will get my eggs, most veggies and fruit, pickles and some meats when they are stellar buy. Kroger is my basic staple shopping as I shop the sale and purchase enough quantity to take me to thru to the next sale. These are within 1/2 mile of each other so I am not going out of my way.

Trips for Walmart are left for the husband to get few things like dog treats and his snack cakes when he is getting his prescriptions.

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I use the Dollar Store,Than the store in town and
where we use to live our son still works there so
I use that store.

Like this week they had lettuce and tomatoes for .99 cents
10 pound beacon for $14.99 and cans of tuna .59 bread for
.59 cents to. I got 20 pounds of hamburger meat for $40
Than chicken legs are on sale for .69 cents a pound. so i
don’t think i did to bad this week

I need to compare store but have limited transportation. I have a Wal-Mart, Target and Shop rite right around each other and across the highway for me like 5 min away, but Aldi is like 10-15 min away from in different direction…I usually just go to Wal-Mart since I can get everything but fresh meat, vegetables or fruit…Maybe I will go to Aldi but I think there meats are expensive

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Wow! Not bad at all…

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Hey there, @Isabel! I used to drive all around town for groceries too and often think to myself if the lower prices were worth the time, energy, and gas I was expending. I now live about 300ft from a publix which made my previous habits seem a little ridiculous. I only shop at Publix now, and I only buy things that are on sale. I have a Publix account online (free) and it gives you early access to the sales that will run from the next Thurs-Wed. This helps me plan and save! I spend about $30 on groceries each week and save $20-$30 each time I shop! Best of all, it takes me about 15 mins to do all of my shopping for the week!

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I have found that spending the money and stocking up was the best way to go. I shop for the bulk of my groceries only once every two months. The rest of the time I go to the store only for perishables and whatever items they have on sale. But you need a freezer and the storage space.


@leah.caldwell is there a friend that could drive you.
My be even a high school or collage kids could drive you.
You could even ask your local church for help.

If your disable you my check into some kind of help.
My husband medical pays for him to get 62 meals
a month. All so pays some one for day and we just
put in for a night person so I can get some rest.
you my want to look into these.

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@kerrye…I wish I had extra storage and a freezer…I live in a small 1 bdrm apt and space is a issues…that would probably save money because I only have my Lil freezer space and fridge .

@bonnie.squires…I will look into it…I really do not know too many people around here…I only been here now 3 years and 2 years was in and out of the hospital…I’m going to see if someone from church has any info…

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@leah.caldwell i know what that feels like the
last place I lived for 4 years I didn’t really no any
one either. Only this about the town i’m in i remember
a couple of people here because its where we started out.

I have been tackling the food budget for the last year as this is a controllable expense that I feel our family could do better on. We are a family of 5 and spend about $150 weekly for the big haul and then $40 a week on milk or fruit (things we run low on that perish quickly). We drive an extra 5 minutes to a less expensive grocer, the Market Basket, and I always check out the clearance sections. I can pick up yogurt for 10 cents, a pound of produce for $1, etc.

I also have cut our grocery bill by participating in online activities such as surveys for free gift cards to Amazon. I will usually purchase lunch snacks that will last my 3 children for 2 weeks at no cost. I obtain another week’s worth of snacks at CVS through the CarePass program, which gives me $10 extrabucks monthly. It had a small fee, but it has now turned into a moneymaker. I also use apps such as Checkout 51, Ibotta, and Receiptpal to earn cash back. I typically get 1 to 2% return on these.

Most recently, my husband and I have focused on reducing our food waste which has significantly reduced our costs. We use our leftovers and try to incorporate last night’s dinner into the next meal.

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I’d add that Aldi only lacks in variety of different brands offering the same product. But it stocks most items and produce that Walmart does. However, the cheapest own brands of Walmart tend to be cheapest than Aldi’s products. Otherwise Aldi’s products are usually cheaper and similar quality. I’m not surprised Walmart CS is awful since their staff wages are awfully low. I can’t talk about Publix, I don’t know it.

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