Has anyone had Perpay?

Has anyone had Perpay? How’s/was your experience? Any thoughts are welcome.


I have not, and what is that?

I don’t know what that is.

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@Tonya_S I haven’t heard of Perpay, but am familiar with similar services. Sounds like you’re trying to build your credit? Here’s are a couple articles from The Penny Hoarder with some good tips!

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I was going to use it but then I read that you have to have one of your direct deposits run thru them, they will take out what you owe & then send you whats left. I don’t think so. The only one I have is $1200. I’m not going to trust this type of scenario


welcome every one to this great community

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I thought that was crazy as well!

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Wow that’s crazy I would never trust anything like that

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Welcome to the community, Kathy!

That sounds sketchy. I wouldn’t trust it either.