Have you bought any "Traffic Packages" and did it work for you?

Through personal experience most “Traffic Packages” are nothing more than robotic “hits”. Especially the really cheap ones from insecure sites. Which will destroy your blog ranking capability in search engines. And if you’re still looking for a “Traffic Package” that will generates sales? Then good luck to you. Because that is not the purpose of most “Traffic Packages”.

The really worth while packages will boost your analytic result in search engines. And boost your site Alexa Rank or popularity. And in doing so also boost your ranking capability by showing up in search results.

The sales come from the traffic you generate by climbing in search results. That’s how “Traffic Packages” work, but you still have to avoid the robotic hits. Therefore do your research and check on reviews before buying any “Traffic Packages”.

Always remember that traffic packages will not generate sales, stop chasing that. It has a whole different purpose, which obviously they don’t tell us in the beginning. I lost quite a bit of money on bogus packages, not to mention the SEO damage I had to repair!

Have you bought any traffic packages that really worked? Have you wasted money on bogus packages?