Help us open our car dealership! (ANY INFO/ADVICE IS A BLESSING)

hi im trying to reach out to everyone that might have some helpful information. my fiancé and I are starting a used car dealership and im looking at option in buying cars…as in this is the last thing we need for opening day (hopefully June 1) I don’t know if you could help or point me in the right direction. we could possibly buy a fleet or a few vehicles. but we cannot receive a loan due to the fact were just starting so as we get closer to June im realizing I need cars and our savings are slowly decreasing. so now im looking at all possible avenues in order to be successful with buying cars at a low cost or some how establishing a credit line with and auction, but I hope you can help thank you for your time.

Alyssa, K’aj Auto

Not sure where you are located, but most independent dealers in Texas buy the bulk of their cars from Auctions. Which i guess is why most auctions are only open to dealers. Of course auction cars are usually repos, crashed, weather damaged, totalled by the insurance in some way and then have a salvaged title. So it’s really a pretty crooked system.

Outside of that you could look on Craigslist and FB - still the best place to find local ppl selling their vehicles.

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If you are buying from a used car dealership they are usually very reasonable with negotiating the price and if there are other car dealerships around they will be competing so if you can get a quote for how much a car at the other dealership would cost you the original dealer ship you wished would offer you a lower price that way they take the profit and that way there competitors do not steal they’re customers. Also a tip if you can do this and get one quote and take it to a different dealer and keep doing this process the dealers will continue to lower the price until they reach the minimum they can charge you and remember these car dealers will say they can not go any lower but they can.

New York. And yes it’s similar up hear but I don’t like the shady-ness behind it so I was hoping to find new outlets. Thank you so much for your help.

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