Car sale

Does anyone know of any websites to sell a car on aside from FaceBook, Craigslist, Vroom, Carvana, Peddle and eBay? Or if anyone would be interested in buying a car, I can send deets.

Can I get info

Sure, it is a Jaguar XF 2010. It primarily needs the brakes replaced. It is located in Maryland. I have it selling for $7500 currently but I’m willing to negotiate the price because I would like to sell it immediately. I sent you a link to pictures and other information about the car on eBay. Thank you.

Here in SC we have local Cars for sale Facebook pages…type search, for sale in whatever area you live in. My husband sells and buys cars on these local sites…he usually has good luck selling.

Thank you so much!

Craigslist is the best one for cheap options

Still haven’t really got much of a response there, but thank you.

this is so nice the way you all help each other i like it, thank you have a great day

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You could take your car to CarMax, they will tell you what your car is worth even if you do not buy from them. CarMax is all over the place and they will make you a reasonable offer on your car, it is an option. We bought from them a few years back and they gave a fair deal.

thanks for sharing always good to know something that some one has done and is happy with the results

Thanks, I did try CarMax too.

Is yours the Jaguar XF on eBay listed with98,414 miles on it?

Oh, I see it - very pretty blue.

Yes, correct. Thank you.