How do I apply for social security and Medicare

I will be 71 in June but have not applied for the above benefits yet. How do I do this now

You can do it online, feel free to check google for assistance.

You have, I assume, waited past your eligibility date to start Social Secutiry as my husband did. He received a significant lump sum payment that covered that time period. Be sure to consider having federal taxes taken out. Regarding Medicare, I strongly recommend Part B, and look into a supplement.

I definitely think that the advice of bookbaby39 is very good. Depending on your financial circumstances you might want to look into an advantage plan for your health insurance. The advantage plans take care of your hospital, doctors and prescriptions. I would advise going through an agent to get the best deal for yourself. I am sure that you can do all of that online also. Since you are now 71 and haven’t already registered for medicare they will charge you more money monthly on your insurance for prescriptions.

@karen.dewillers If you’ve not already done so, you will want to go to these links to sign up:

I agree about purchasing a supplemental plan as an addendum to Medicare Part A and Part B. Medicare is tricky so you will want to really research it well, discuss with people you know who already have it, and speak to a representative on the phone. It took me quite a while to understand what was the best option for me. Good luck.

sthom is exactly correct. File online. Then research an SS attorney. It is recommended that you do this with an attorney and be prepared to wait. It took me 2 years and one appeal and an attorney to get my benefits.

I don’t think you have to get an attorney or wait if it’s you generic Social Security benefits when you come of age. You won’t get denied. If you apply for any of the other SSI benefits, such as disability then I would get a Social Security representative to help you. Look in your phone book. They may or may not be attorneys. Mine was paid only if I was approved. Process took 2.5 years.