How to save while on Social Security Disability

l would like to know if anyone has ideas or suggestions on how to do this?

It really depends on your state. In my state, Indiana, the resource limit is $2,000 in assets unless you have an ABLE account, which allows you to save for a house or car or the like without worrying about the resource limit. I work part-time to supplement my disability and live comfortably, but it’s hard to do if SSDI is your only income. Good luck.

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i was on social security disable, til i turned 62 then went right to regular social security, had to find a part time job to make ends meet, when i lost my husband, so i work part time, and am doing ok

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There are three ways to save money; 1- increase your income, 2- decrease your debts or 3- both. If you can’t do 1 or 3, then you need to look at your expenses and see what you can cut out.


Jeremy M i like your post thanks for sharing

I live in RI, on SSDI how do I find out how much money I can save, add to my retirement and what the limits are to still be eligible for state and federal medicare/aid? Soooii hard to find a trustworthy source. Thanks all!

I just turned 62 and on SSDI.

S.S. called to set up my retirement but I don’t have to take it now, right?

The difference between my SSDI and my new SSI is about 20.00! So I should wait until I’m 65, correct? Or can I?

Hi @mschris, I’m surprised SS called you rather than the other way around. That’s suspect; it’s best if you contact them directly or online. And, no you don’t have to take SS at 62. You can take anytime after 62 or wait until your full retirement age (FRA). For SSI though, I’m not sure. I took it at 62…my grandmother used to say: “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush”. I still do some part-time work though.

I’m on SSDI and won’t be eligible for Medicaid once the Pandemic is officially over. I’m in VA and going to be 53 this year. I barely got SSDI because of the work credits required. Thankfully I did qualify and benefits started in Oct 2019. My 2 children also get benefits as my dependents. I’m facing the decision on letting my ex have custody of our children but I’d lose their benefits that I’m getting as their representative.

Can my ex get any money from my being on SSDI for our children if he takes custody? Or will that have any impact on my financial future at all?

I’m certainly not prepared for this as I was a stay at home mom who raised our kids. We separated in 2010 but final divorce date was in early 2012. We married in 2000. I had a large gap in work. I’m not in possession of retirement and Medicaid has limits on assets. All around I have to think of my future and if not having my children in my care would save any money for myself later, it’s a sad situation but I know it’s a reality that I may be able to live with less financial obligations if I am alone. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.