How To Use More Money Affirmations?

How To Use More Money Affirmations?

Several years ago, I had a mentor who recommended me to start using money affirmations. She suggested that I could radically change my perspective of life by thinking different thoughts.

Until that moment, I had not heard about money affirmations or mantras, so I was skeptical. My logical mind simply could not connect by saying a few words and having a transformation of life. But he was willing to try it. You see, I was unhappy. I wanted something different I felt trapped and unsure of how to get it. So, I said I would try them.

I began to see that as I used money affirmations, my life was changing. At first, the changes were subtle, but they were there. Gradually, over time, I found myself changing in ways I had never expected, but most importantly, I found myself full of confidence, hope, and joy! I found the confidence to leave my figure and jump into being an entrepreneur.

Give me a sample of a money affermation you used. Thanks

Watched the video and heard lots of statements, no substance or examples of anything!

Do you have anything more to offer other than talk, wishes, and desires?

I think money affirmations are fine, but you have to back it up with actions.

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