I'm nee to this and do not know where how this all works

Don’t know what to do here was looking for cheap way to change house up. Doing some big things after 55 years house is 51 years . Kusy9need to do kitchen bath update . Paint all inside new interior doors . Update all. Get rid of all hard junk lot to do with my back. Use do all now I cant. Hubby tries but not his thing

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I would start by getting rid of things you don’t need.


I agree with @mskimberly on this one. I know that if you cannot do this all by yourself that if you live in a college/university town, many times you can get local college students in for a reasonable price to help you de-clutter your home. We are in the process of doing that very thing ourselves. After 15 years in our present home, we know it’s time to declutter, upgrade things and paint. It will make you feel great about yourself and where you live, and will make your life so much simpler. Good luck!

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A simple paint job will do wonders to refresh any room. There are extensions available cheap to screw on to the end of paint rollers that make painting much easier and you can even sit down and use it for a lot of the walls.

Clearing out all of the stuff that you no longer use and just tossing it also makes a room look brand new!

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You absolutely do not want people coming into your house right now helping you, unless absolutely necessary. These would be repair people if you A/C goes down, problems with water heater, etc. The other ideas mentioned are great: decluttering what you are able to do yourself; painting, etc. I have a few of these little projects going on now as well.

One of the best websites I’ve found for serving your requests and needs is called nextdoor.com and it’s free to sign up. Phone, laptop, tablet or PC, either works fine.

It is as localized as you want it to be. It can be your immediate neighborhood, town, county or larger. People constantly post names and businesses they have used for repairs, cleaning, hauling, yard work, tree work…you name it. They will also list who they used that you might not want to hire. There is also a section where you can list items for sale or give away or purchase. Several teens and college students offer services like you mentioned. Many handymen/women also offer services for hire. I find this site much less scary than Craigslist. It’s monitored by local neighborhood volunteers.

Good luck, as we are aging we are less and less able to do all the things we planned to do after we retired. So we go to nextdoor to find our hires.