I’m a senior citizen about to turn 69. My primary source of income is Social Security but I do seasonal work at our local golf course and side handyman jobs when available to supplement my income. I have save a bit of money and have seen info on some types of investing where a person can start for around $500 or so. My question is this, is that something a man of my age should look into or just be content with the 2-3% online savings and short term CD’s provide. Thank toy.

I wouldnt begin to invest at that age. The market could tumble and you could lose all your investments and not be able to wait out a recovery, especially if your income is limited. However, if you have excess cash you can survive without in the event of a market downturn, then you can .

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I would invest through Worthy Bonds. 5% interest, no fees, no withdraw fees, and you can withdraw your money and any interest you accumulate at any time. Interest is calculated daily so you can earn money quickly.