Is there a particular budgeting booklet

I was looking for a guide or instruction sheet

There are lots of templates online in many shapes and sizes. I.e. some may be daily, or weekly or monthly. You might need to look at some and see which one you feel comfortable with. I found one searching the templates in excel. But I use it how it works for me and not necessarily how it was intended. It wanted budgeted and actual income and spending. I just wanted to see what I could spend on different things without going over.

The app Mint and others also has budgeting features.

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Just google templets in excel I am assuming


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Yes, I don’t know of a one size fits all way to budget. As people have stated, try a google search, and if you are looking for particular features, include that in the search. if you don’t know what you want, just start scrolling through them. I have a basic one that i use; if you are interested let me know and I’ll send it to you.

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