Where can I get a budget graph

I am a budget beginner. Where can I get a graph?


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open google and enter budget graph and an entire page of options will be shown. just click on what interests you. another option is MS Excel, it allows you to choose graph for anything you enter into the spreadsheet.

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Hi @paula.lamarre. I actually responded to your request from another post you did. Not sure if you saw. Here it is again:

@paula.lamarre There are articles on this forum discussing how to create a budget from scratch. In addition, go through the Budget Bootcamp on this forum. To get yourself up and running quickly, grab a sheet of paper and list on the left your income(s) (weekly or monthly); on the right, list all of your expenses (rent, car payments, utilities, cell phone, groceries [estimate if unsure], debt payments, etc.), and anything else you can think of. List your irregular, quarterly expenses as well such as home insurance, renter’s insurance, car insurance, etc.

Read this good short article from Kiplinger magazine “How to Budget”: https://www.kiplinger.com/arti…4-how-to-budget.html

Then, move on to a spreadsheet or a digital budgeting tool if you choose. I use Mint, but there are plenty others: You Need a Budget, Dave Ramsey’s Every Dollar digital tool, Personal Capital…

Here are links to some budget worksheets that you can adjust/adapt to your needs:



There is a very detailed budget sheet in a column format I like from Michigan State that I could send you. Message me privately with your email address and I can send it.

Good luck.