Is this savings account legit?

Anyone used Yotta Savings before? Saw them on a Youtube video and opened an account, but didn’t feel comfortable enough to put in more than $500. Anyone know if they’re legit? It’s like playing the lottery in that you get a weekly ticket for every $25 deposited and the top prize if $10 million. It just feels like the prizes must come from existing deposits, though they say they’re FDIC insured.

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No, never used Yotta, but here is a link to learn more about them:

never heard of them,

I have a Yotta account. I must say that I’m not super impressed as I have $100 on deposit and have only ‘won’ money one time… More money you have the more tickets, the more referrals you have - the more one week bonus tickets you get… There is no interest paid and will probably close it out before end of year as I’d prefer to have regular growth/interest paid.

I only put in $100 as I felt comfortable with that if it became a total bust. I’ve not added more as I see no growth happening, just letting them use my money for free.