Legit websites that pay out

Good Morning! So I have been unemployed for a little while now by choice and don’t receive unemployment or any Goverment assistance. Therefore, I try to find ways of making cash money almost everyday! I have signed up for and participated in several survey sites, but I’m still BROKE!!! What are the best legitimate websites for earning money, which one pays you the most money and doesn’t take a year to earn $5!!! I am open to pretty much any type for taking surveys, product testing, getting my opinion on certain things, even attending a group panel online or in person if it’s nearby! Any advice, tips, suggestions, income ideas, recommendations of any kind to help me earn actual money to get by on! TIA!


Have you tried Qmee? It’s a survey app that I downloaded two months ago and I already made $43.


Swagbucks. Let me know if you would like more information or my referral code.


No I haven’t! I’ll try it out! Thanks!

Yes, I have tried it but not available for my area. If you know of any other legit site pls

I have been battling with my financial situation and found out some sites that pays for survey, I have been there close to three months now, I have not earned more than $2.83. Kindly introduce me to good sites pls, help a friend

ProxyPics is a photo delivery app that pays you to take property photos. It’s free to download on Google Play and Apple Store. When there is a job within ten miles of your location you receive a notification and can accept through the app!

TRY PICKL!!! You make $5 in 5 minutes after you enter a store instead of a whole year!

My favorite survey sites are Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie, and Opinion Outpost. It’s not a lot of money, but it helps.


I found that i didn’t get paid on at least 3 sites. Guess you need to go with referrals and recommendations from reputable sources.

Which sites don’t pay? It would be good to know so none of us will waste our time on them.