Looking at my Master's


I’m looking at getting my Master’s in Indigenous People’s Law, and am trying to come up with the money. Anyone have any ideas?


Have you looked at the prices of all programs and gone with the cheapest? Are there government programs to help? Do Indigenous groups sponsor students in this field? Have you called and talked to area non profit Law groups? Do your relative’s have any money? What is your credit rating?

Have you talked to other related non profit groups even if they are not in law? You will still be handling certain types of case. For example if there is a lot of family law have you looked at women groups. if it’s healthcare related then healthcare groups?

There are also charities that give away money and a librarian could help to find out information. If you start a gofundme you could also ask for suggestions. There are also counselors at different schools who might be able to help.

it is work. Think of it like sales and dating. You have to make a lot of contacts and phone calls to make progress. If there is a one percent chance of getting good information you have to pursue 100 calls.

Also talk to other students that dont look rich and ask them how they did it. I missed out on a lot of education because I didn’t know there were programs that would help after my school cut my financial aid



Without knowing where you are in your education, it’s challenging to recommend next steps. If you are just beginning with undergrad, consider community colleges to complete Associate degree and then transfer to 4-year for Bachelor’s. Many state colleges/universities have agreements with community colleges for transfer programs. Whichever level of education you are at, please speak with an advisor at the colleges you are considering. They will have resources for you including links to scholarships and grants. Hopefully, you’ve pinpointed colleges with programs for the discipline you are going to study - that should make knowing who to contact easier. Good luck!


Most universities have graduate programs where a grad student teaches or assists a professor in labs, grading, etc. to pay for their education. I took a low paying tech job at a university so I could get faculty tuition rates (1/10th the regular rate) and studied six years for my BS in Mathematics/Computer Science. My two masters were paid for by The Boeing Company that has a very generous education program for all employees.

My real question is are you going for a law degree and plan to sit for the Bar Exam? If not how are you going to earn a living post grad studies? Scholarships, grants, work-study and all investments in a students future the the ROI being sending out a student that is contributory to society and assists the next generation of students. Will your education and future employment support your contribution?

My wife did indigenous studies and continues a serious study anthropology but worked as a secretary because there were few jobs and most of them wanted a PhD so they can go after grant money to pay for research. You pay to go to a dig or research site to follow your passion, they don’t pay you for your expertise.