Lost my Job due to covid-19 pandemic

Dear Penny Hoarder,

I want to thank you so much for the great work you’ve been doing by saving a lot of people out of situations by your kind advice.

I’m a family man with a wife and 3 children, I lost my job few months to the covid-19 pandemic, been trying to secure another job to enable me fend for my family but non is forth coming, rather, companies are folding up and some other companies are laying off staff. To make matters worst, this part of Africa where I come from, the governments did not make provisions o care about people who are out or have lost their jobs.

Sir, I want to ask if there is any way I can get a good advice from this platform on how to help get me any kind of job in the USA o overseas, could be a cleaning job, service rendering, or any of such. I will appreciate if you link me up sir.

Right now I cant afford to pay my bills, buy food and take care of my family.

Please advice sir. Best regards, Kingsley. Terna.

If you are currently located in Africa, I’m not sure that there is any easy way for you to come to the US, let alone get a job here. You would have to go through the Visa process to get a work Visa, fly here, find a place to stay and then secure a job. Given the current situation with the virus, I’m not sure that will even be able to happen in the next 6 months.


Hello Terry,

JeremyM is exactly correct if that is what you are asking. If you are asking about employment in Africa from a USA Company you should check out VelocityGlobal. They are a company similar to a recruiter for United States Companies to find employees. Best of Luck to You either way you choose.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

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I am sorry about your job situation. May I inquire about your profession. If you have an advanced degree in engineering, medicine, and can secure a sponsor in the United States, your emigration would be easier. At this time, I believe President Trump has work visas currently suspended based on the coronavirus. I would still research, or possibly consider emigrating to other countries. The US is experiencing high unemployment, and businesses are closing. Economists are predicting a deep recession for several years. Best of luck.