Possible Divorce

It may come to pass that my husband and I divorce. I’m an unemployed mother (I retired from my job as process server to have my child and won’t go back to it as I feel it’s too dangerous).
I know I NEED a job ASAP but I’m struggling on what to do next. I’ve been a process server for 10 years and don’t want to go back into it. Should I just start looking for customer service jobs? Write out a list as to what I’m good at (skills, etc)? Go with a seasonal job? Any tips?


Lots of seasonal jobs are available now and businesses are hiring.

Amazon is just wide open with jobs, you should have no problem getting work with them, in fact, they are requiring mandatory overtime of their workers.

Get what you can for right now while you hone your resume.

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Thanks redcatcec!

Hey Misty, Best to you.

When I went through my divorce and had to change jobs, I went with a temp agency. My first temp job was perfect, and led me to another which was a permanent position. Temp agencies often know what’s coming open and have a variety of positions.

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On Penny Hoarder website, I learned of several work-from-home opportunities. If you want to take some training for something new, there is Bookkeeper Launch for bookkeeping, or a different company offers training in transcribing. if you just want to apply for a job to work from home, you can try LionBridge, they are always hiring, but their test was difficult for me. I failed it. But, they have sent me emails offering other job opportunites to test for. Lots of very helpful information on this website. You are in the right place. Browse around!!

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A friend of mine works at a security guard. Some places are really not dangerous like college campuses. Many of the jobs are outsourced to companies like Allied so they don’t pay too well. But probably easier to get. Your experience would be a great fit


PS. Be sure to get child support. I know people who skipped that part and regret it. You might even be able to do a gofundme for a lawyer?


There are also free places that will do your resume. I think in Philadelphia the state employment agency will help. Here we also have Jewish Family Services that will help anyone with a resume feee or for a very small amount.