hello from maine

hi all im from northern maine…so ready for spring!!! i am here to find a wfh job or resource of making enough to cover my bills. ive worked in food serv my whole life… which this “situation” has killed in my state{demos} so…i need training in something… i can email/c/p search… what do i DONT WANT TO DO… phone jobs!!! i cant deal with demoralized from customers and then have the montitor slamm you too for how the call was handled…nope dont need it!!! im 57 yrs old…face to face customer serv is hard enough thanks, im looking to make at least… 2 k /month… for bills. nothing else. thank you ;];];]

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@caratunk Welcome and thanks for posting! Maine is beautiful and a place I am considering moving to in a few years (Portland area). And yes, speaking as someone who currently resides in Minnesota, spring cannot come soon enough.

As for your question, The Penny Hoarder has work-from-home job listings featuring a wide variety of roles for people with all kinds of different skill sets: https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/wfh/

Are you interested in some digital marketing training (e.g. in email marketing)? There are several online courses that offer certification you can look into. Just do a quick internet search.

Hope that helps!


hi will yes if they can teach /train me im willing !!! i need a stable income from home… no kids… just a cat/ house ;];];];] thank you;];];];]

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Good morning from your neighbor in NH. It’s almost February which means it’s close to March which is almost Spring!!

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Hi @caratunk - great to meet you!

There’s tons of opportunities to do WFH work, here are some ideas:

  • Doing freelance gigs on Fiverr / Upwork. Just look for a skill you’d like to learn, learn it, and do a job posting.

  • Flipping collectibles on eBay.

  • Doing service arbitrage. I like this because you can do this even without any skills.

  • Or you can learn how to make useful PDFs and sell digital goods on Etsy. Digital goods are non-refundable so no customer service or anything like that.

There’s other ones as well but I’ll skip them here because it involves phoning businesses and trying to get them as clients.

All of the above can be self-taught by just searching on YouTube for tutorials on the things that you want. And pretty much everything has an extensive, free courses online nowadays. The tradeoff is doing your own thing will take a while to hit $2k/mo, whereas if you were to find a gig that pays $2k/mo, you just need to find someone to accept you and you’re there (but much less control).


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thank you ALL SOO MUCH!!! i gave it a break and decided to go to my bible class online til 3 am this morning… its frzg here in maine… dry cold …the cat got me up at 7…uugh… let him out and right back in… hes had second thoughts for the rest of the day lolololol…so i headed for the couch and back up at noon… and on the hunt again… thank you for the links i def try them out… hoping for the best!!! if you have any more for me to chk out id appreciate it ;];];];];] rumor has it … ahem…we are suppose to get a good sized north easter this wkend… it will be the most snow yet at 1 time this season… stay safe and stay warm!!! thanks again!!!

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welcome nice to have you here, you will learn a lot from this great community i have

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I also appreciate the tips seen here in this thread. Thank you to all who posted. I am also 57 & looking for ways to supplement my current income. I live on the other side of the country in Portland, Oregon, but with current WFH opportunities, it doesn’t matter where you live. I was a customer service trainer for years for a hotel chain, so I have no problem doing anything that requires customer service. I will be utilizing the information found here, thank you so much! This seems to be a very supportive community! I wish everyone a happy & safe 2022! xo



Type into your search bar names of large companies, When their (company) website comes up, type into the companies search bar, Work from home, it should give you a listing of jobs available along with job description and requirements too.


Thank you for this!

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