Has anyone ever invested in art? This company, Masterworks, lets you buy shares for $20 (minimum $1000 purchase) on famous pieces of art. When it sales in a few years, you split the profits with other share holders. Wondering how to find out if this is actually legitimate or even a good idea.

In my opinion, investing in art is not the best thing. I invested the money in a course and now I have my business. If you are interested click here

I’d not heard of Masterworks, so just read the first review at the first investor site that popped up on Google. Seems like fees are steep for a fairly new (2 years) startup. The pros and cons are listed at the bottom of the article.

It really depends on how much “play” money you have for investing; I’m thinking there are more stable ways to invest. Based on this review, it’s a bit too risky for my taste.

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I was also thinking of investing in this, basically just because I’m an art lover. You may want to check out some YT videos. CNBC has an interview with the CEO, Scott Lynn, and I also looked at a TruFinancials video which has a lot of info about it. The TruFinancials guy mentioned that there’s already a waitlist for joining. Masterworks is registered with the SEC. Just for fun you may want to read Priceless by Robert Wittman.

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Thank you all. Really helpful advice.

Hello all, I invested in 3 paintings on Masterworks. I’m trying diversify my portfolio. I’m interested in alternative investments that are not tied to the stock market.


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