Motley Fool

Hi Everyone

I’m checking in about a subject that’s as foreign as it could possibly be. After a couple yrs now I’ve come to trust almost any source promoted by PH. I’ve wanted to take small steps in investing for awhile so just put $100. Into Motley Fool last week. Anyone have sustained interaction with them you want to share + tips or feedback? Lastly, why is it called, M Fool? Thanks in advance!!

I’ve never heard of that, but now you have made me look it up!

Motley Fool is a great source for advice on stocks – lots of rave reviews from our email subscribers on this one. And…they’ve been around forever (since the 90s).

As for the name…“Our name derives from Elizabethan drama, where only the court jester (the “Fool”) could tell the King the truth without getting his head lopped off. We’re dedicated to educating, amusing, and enriching individuals in search of the truth.”


Their customer service has been fantastic! Extremely knowledgeable staff - very open, patient, and professional. Have had positive experiences with them for years.

Still learning by observing