Medicare ; Understanding of

Many seem ill informed on the topic of the definition or the most basic ideas of how and when Medicare pays for any aspect of your healthcare needs. Simply put there are 2 types… original Medicare and medigap/advantage plans or whatever they’re calling this type currently. That’s the first thing one ‘needs to know’, so one should easily be able to distinguish those 2 from each other through or Google, etc. Then I’ll be thrilled to further enlighten the person asking about the subject recently as I’ve been a registered nurse 48 yrs & part of that time I was a nurse educator + a marketing rep for home health which is funded 100% by Medicare. They offer numerous programs benefiting seniors in addition to paying part of our co-pays related to healthcare costs. For example… If qualified, Medicare pays 100% of the cost of Home Health (the program). It’s the only example of one of their benefits paying at 100% as well. But do your basic Medicare defining research (easily found) and then return here to learn multiple benefits and rules that will really assist you as long as you have a few basic facts first. We could go from there if you’re still interested. Right now, you have several misconceptions which I’m sure you’d want to lose. Hey! I’m brand new and this might be fun. Love to brag about the few things I know well. At least until they change it. Again! ? sally


i have the advanced Medicare plan thanks for sharing