I’m getting closer to retirement. My big question is about Medicare. I have read articles that say the way Medicare advantage (and maybe others like Medigap companies) make money is by giving you nice up front figures and then getting you later by not paying all your bills if you get sick. How are we supposed to figure this out? I thought capitalism was about buyers making an informed decision which effected prices. How can we make an informed decision if everything is secretive? Does the company win who ‘lies’ the best?

Have you figured Anything out?

My parents used 211 and went to talk with a counselor that helped them choose. I know our local agency has been very helpful. You could try calling 211 and making an appointment.

Medicare is one of the most confusing programs I’ve ever dealt with as someone confused by any type of insurance. I didn’t find a lot of secretive information but I found tons and tons of information that was difficult to absorb and untangle. provides a good source for reading, but be prepared to be bored; and good luck with retention! I started reading up on Medicare when I was 63. I started out talking to friends already on Medicare and asking if they were on an Advantage program or regular Medicare with or without a supplement and their own pros and cons. I also read several books about Medicare, including Medicare for Dummies! However, most fact gathering is time sensiteve becasue Medicare is a constanting changing program.By the time I was 65 I’d made my decision and so far so good. If you don’t have the time to invest, there are Medicare insurance specialists that will navigate the ocean of facts and suggest a good program for you.

Good, solid advice regarding Medicare. Study, read and study some more. The only item I would add is those who sell Medicare Supplements are paid by the insurers, not by you. Their services, as far as I know, I haven’t talked to them all, are free to us.