Mobile Home purchase

Hello, I would like to know the most affordable way to buy a new Mobile Home. I don’t make much money but am almost 51 and am finding it hard to keep up with expensive, monthly rent payments. I don’t know what my credit score is. I tried equifax as advised by Penney hoarder but all I received were tons of marking calls and emails! NOT a credit score!

I appreciate any and all helpful input. Thank you


I use Credit Karma to monitor my score. I would find both a realtor and a banker you trust to find out about affordable financing and programs.


Try Experian for your free credit score. They send my score monthly and my bank does also. I agree with KellyFromKeene regarding mobile home financing.


i do Experian also does a very good job of keeping me updated

I use Experian to monitor my credit and also give me their credit score. It is free to use just Lon into and sign up for free. Be careful because they also have a membership which they bill you monthly I think $29.96 so be sure and sign up for free account. Using the app I received offers for credit cards and also was able to correct some errors online on my report, very happy my score was 611 now it is up to 788.

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