I am a Boost mobile customer and I recieved a email one day from them about building up my credit by financing a new phone with them. To make a long story short, I did upgrade and I financed a Samsung S9. I have made 8 payments of $33.00 so far. 10 left to go.

Is this true? Will my payments get reported to the credit bureau?? I would love to hear any responses.

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I would think so, the best way to improve your credit score is to establish it with a responsible credit history by making payments on time.


My understanding with cell phone companies is that they only do soft credit pulls that don’t really show up on your credit history since it isn’t a hard pull. So making payments on time is really just to establish a good payment history with that cell phone company. It won’t really hit your credit report unless you go delinquent on your account and then it goes to collections.


thank you for your input. Greatly appreciated. ?

If it’s been 8 months (assuming you are making payments monthly), you would see it on your credit report by now. Is it showing on your credit report?

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I Am A Boost Customer As Well.

Unfortunately phone companies do not normally report to the bureaus unless you are late, similar to utility companies etc. Car loans, credit cards etc almost always report monthly. That boost ad about building credit is very typical but very misleading. Probably in the fine print it says you will build your credit at boost only. lol.

I have a Boost account for my mothers cell account and it has never shown on my credit. I did set it for Exerian Boost to show however it is only thru them that it shows.

I am a boost customer too