My Financial Goal for the Year 2021

I am working on becoming debt-free. I want to make sure that I pay all my debtors because this is the right thing to do. However, I must admit it is also very important that I give my tithes to the church. I pay my tithes first and the rest will definitely take care of itself. I believe that it is so important to write down your goals because you are more apt to achieve the desired results when you write them down. Thanks for this opportunity to place my goal on this website. I hope that this will inspire others to do the same. It is important to keep your goals ever before you because if you “take your eye” off the prize you will not get it.


@beauty.a I think becoming debt free is a fantastic 2021 goal. I also believe there’s power in writing down your goal and naming what you want to accomplish. I hope you’ll consider us accountability buddies and supporters on your debt-free journey.

For other debt inspiration, you can check out the entire debt forum here. There’s also some great Penny Hoarder debt articles in the Money 101 section. I’m also sharing a fellow member @robin.hartill debt stories over on The Penny Hoarder — you can read them here and here. Hope this helps! We’re here if you have any questions. Keep us posted on your progress. ?


Thank you so much for your support and the articles. I will definitely keep you posted on my progress. Take care of yourself, stay safe, and stay encouraged.?

That’s a great goal to have. I too am trying to pay off all my debts. It is a slow process and there have been setbacks but I know it is something I will be able to do.