Poll: Have you shipped all your presents and holiday cards?


Who else is feeling the pinch for time in getting those presents and holiday cards shipped out to friends and loved ones? :person_raising_hand: If you’re like me, you might want to write down these dates to help make sure you get those packages in the mail before it’s too late.

  • Have you shipped all your presents and holiday cards?
  • Yes
  • No

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NO, because my cards haven’t arrived yet! They are 10 days late. ugh.

i live in upstate N.Y. and we have no boxes of Christmas cards, so we have to buy them as we need them


For the first time this year I dug in and did cards and shopping right after Thanksgiving and have had a plan since. It has really made a huge difference on my grinchy attitude. Much more relaxed with just 11 days to go now! It made things so much easier that I’ve added the duties to my google calendar for next year.


Just one more package to send. I should be set as long as I can ship it with USPS either today or tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:

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I’m not shipping gifts and working on the cards. They will all be out next week- clearly not concerned about getting them there before Christmas.

Just shipped our last round of presents! We should be all set! :christmas_tree:

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We sent fewer cards this year than ever before. We’re hand delivering gifts as we’re visiting family for Christmas.


@brigat Hand delivering gifts adds that extra touch of personality. I love it. We have a few batches of cookies to give to neighbors and friends that we added to our list of to-dos, but that’s it!

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will living in a senior complex we seniors make cookies and bring them around to some people who have no family, love seeing the smile on their faces

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