Response to Affordable Academic Help during Upcoming School Year

Whenever I read articles like the one by Nicole Dow today about Affordable Academic Help, I’m always perplexed that public libraries are not included. I get that public libraries are different sizes and have different offerings and there’s not a single link to provide. But that shouldn’t stop The Penny Hoarder staff from recommending that people visit their local libraries website to see what’s available.

Many libraries offer homework help, study guides, writing help, world language learning, science and so much more with their digital content. E-books and audiobooks are free. They even have read-along books which combines e-books with audio for younger readers who benefit from hearing and seeing the words at the same time.

Libraries are free to use. They are usually funded by some form of taxes, so you can argue that people have already paid for the library, so they should get a free card and use the free (already paid for) services and resources.

Libraries also offer help to job seekers, people with work-from-home gigs, those training for certification or learning a new skill, like computer programming. Plus you can find free entertainment for your downtime, like DVDs and CDs or streaming services, to check out.

I’m still waiting to read the articles here that remind people that there is so much savings to be had just by using their local library. I highly recommend checking out yours today.


The best thing about libraries is that you can order almost any book in the US by using inter library loan!! Even from the university libraries.

Unfortunately no conspiracy theory books?

@edodge I’ve actually seen more than one mention of using libraries on the PennyHoarder; if not in the forum (which I’ve seen), certainly in the articles on the main site and in the newsletter. Users can try to search for mention of libraries on the site.

I love my library and even though it’s not open for visitors now, I can still order what I want and go pick up. I just put in a hold request last night. You’re right…it is an excellent resource for all sorts of things. Thus speaks the daughter of a former librarian?.