Maybe Obvious, Maybe Not

I haven’t seen this addressed, so maybe when you read this you’ll think “No brainer,” or maybe you’ll think “Ah! Another way to save money!” At that, I’ll take the risk and pass it on.

Here in Missouri, the State offers 2 nature magazines free of charge for any MO resident. (There is a fee for those out of state.) Missouri Conservationist (adult readers) and Xplor Adventures in Nature (for children) are colorful, glossy magazines that inform and entertain. They are great for Home-School families to add to their curriculum; as well as public and private schools.

Magazines are a luxury we generally don’t enjoy (unless they are at the doctor’s office or the library). On…ree-magazines-today/ there are 51 free magazine subscriptions (some for 1 free sample; others for an entire year). Some deal with health, some with religion, some outdoor sports and nature, etc.

Got a new baby/grand baby/ to welcome? Never pay full price again! High quality clothes for babies and children up to their tweens are available online at and They have “super deals” in ever area of clothes they sell: pajamas, T-shirts, jeans & leggings, dresses, hoodies, shoes…just get on their list and they’ll keep you alerted to sales and free shipping opportunities. Both have “Door Busters” - a clothing article most people will want for their little one at thrift store prices. Great companies, great prices!

While we’ve had issues with them a couple of times, generally speaking has been a tremendous site to shop for clothes for the whole family. Pickins get slim if you need 2X or above (male or female), but they still have some quality items. Swap goes through slash & burn sales where they want to p-u-s-h the merchandise out fast. We paid $1 an item for good condition (and in 2 cases, new with price tag) of baby/toddler clothes. Great for gift giving, as well as for your own growing youngsters.

Do you enjoy audio-books? If the library isn’t keeping you satisfied, there’s a cheap way to stream many new (or, at least popularly current) audios. Chirp books has plenty of mysteries, classic books, children’s favorites and more for 99 cents and more at: For online free audio-books, try one from Book Riot:

That’s it for now. Have a great day!


Thank you for posting those sites and links @jenny.waldensi I love it when people can share validated sites that they have had personal experience with and particular reasons why they like or do not like a site! Especially when they save us $$$ !

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@jenny.waldensi Thank you for your ideas!

lol, @mintjulep, looks like I am right behind you this morning.


Thanks for your support, MINTJULEP and KELLYFROMKEENE! I hope they help you. It’s so fun to share good news with others, isn’t it?! Have a blessed day!


wavey@kellyfromkeene LOL!! I can’t think of much better to do to start the day , love saving money!

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