How *I* Shop For Free

A few years back, I found a library book where the title, “How To Shop For Free” caught my eye. My initial reaction was “the lengths some people go to in order to sell books” but in my frugal world, free is not a four-letter word. What did I have to lose?

“Wow… just Wow” would be a very good recap on the impact that Kathy Spencer’’s book had on me by the end of the 226-page quick read manuscript. I was so impressed that I immediately joined the web site that continues to impress me with ongoing daily posts that have helped me to change my life by changing my thinking and behaviors.

Mrs. Spencer’s book (also on DVD and audio) along with the web site offers cool tools for her followers to do, as the title implies, shopping for free. I frequently use the store match ups, the coupon database and the price comparison tool.

My wife and I are not extreme couponers so the resources from the How To Shop For Free team makes it a no-brainer experience to get totally free products from cleaning products to clothing to… what’s that… organic food products? “But they don’t have coupons for those things,” I have often heard as a Penny Hoarder.

“How To Shop For Free” is not a rule book but a tool book that has more than paid for the book price after deciding that it was a “must have” for my keeper collection.

If you are like me, you will want to keep your eyes on the crazy deals, freebies and moneymakers that are updated all day long for local and/or national stores. Although based out of New England with their regional store chains that are not here in the Midwest, the team lets followers catch up on match ups for drug stores, dollar stores and online sellers.

This is one case when you truly CAN judge a book by its cover.

Want a sneak peek? Check out:…ge&q&f=false

((Tip: Amazon Audible offers the How To Shop For Free audio book with its free trial so that YOU can learn to shop for free… for FREE!!!)


From a “Good Morning, America” segment, this video from you tube, titled “Mom Feeds Family On $4 A Week” is evidence of Kathy Spencer’s savvy shopping skill in how she shops for free. You would think that the Christian Children’s Fund would be calling Kathy for advice on how they can reduce their 30 cents a day claims to only feed one child.


That’s impressive…$4/week. I have made meals for 5 for $4 but I could never see myself stretching our budget this well!

Thanks I’ll have to check this out

Definitely checking this out! Thanks for the info darling.

Ok, I signed up for the newsletter, let’s see what happens.

since we’re talking about free here, thought I could share this too on how you can get extra cash from stuff you can also get for free

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