BOGO "deals" - all scams?

I love thinking about the connections between money and psychology, so this deep dive into BOGO deals from The Hustle newsletter was right up my alley:…free-deals-worth-it/

“Studies have shown that consumers will buy two of something when the word ‘free’ is involved, even when they only need one — and the second item often ends up in the trash. If we walk into a store intending to buy one carton of milk, but encounter a BOGO deal and buy 2 cartons, we’ll almost invariably waste that second carton.”

As a household of one in a small apartment, I often leave the BOGO behind at the store. Cashiers will look at me like I’ve lost my marbles. But if it’s expiring food that I know I won’t use, and I don’t have a friend or neighbor in mind to take advantage of the spare, it makes more sense to just get what I need.

I feel the same way about “Two for $X” deals at CVS etc. Sometimes I CAN use two of something, so I stock up. But most of the time, I really only need one — or I’ve peeked at the unit price and don’t think the deal is worth it!

What do you think? Are you BOGO fan or foe?

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It does irritate me when I only need or want one of something when I have to buy another! I usually ended up not buying it as I refuse to pay more nor do I want to waste something I won’t use.

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Such an interesting read. Thanks for sharing! I was in a financial class once and the teacher told us to be careful of “free” offers because a lot of times there is more to it than what originally meets the eye. This article goes into great detail to explain this!

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If it is some thing you need and you can afford it
than i say get it and donate it to a local food pantry
or senior center or even call a church up or school
they my know some one who could use the extra.

Our food pantry takes dish soap,laundry soap, any
kind of hand soap, under arm stuff , toilet paper, paper
towels, diapers and other stuff to besides food.

All so you can check into rehabs they my need some
things you pass up. I know after my husband heart attack
last year he was in a skilled nursing home and some of
the people there that there ssi money so they don’t have
any money to go to the store to pick up things so some items
could be donated to them

All so you my find a new mom or a senor living on there own
would be great to give them what you have. Even some one
that has cancer or my be sick could use some thing.

I hope this helps you.


GF,. You are an amazing human being! I agree. Nothing I buy goes to waste. There is definitely need, and it’s not hard to give - in terms of time and energy¡¡!!¡


@paula.marie thank you I’ve been helped in so many ways.
I just like to give back when I can. Nothing amazing about
that or me.