I am always being THRIFTY no matter what. I look for a deal on anything that costs $$. Allot of people think shopping at thrift stores, clearance racks, and being at Walmart for instance is always getting cheap *** stuff. For example of my thrifty self ?, I like name brand products. Toilet paper like Scotts 1000 sheet rolls is a great value and can be cheap on the wallet. Every 2 weeks or so CVS puts Scotts products on sale. You can get 12/ 1000 sheet rolls for $7.49 verses $15+. That’s one way I am thrifty. School supplies ALWAYS at dollar stores. I save and get what I want!

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Welcome to my world, or do I say ‘Hello Sister’. Being thrifty is one financial habit I practice. It’s been rewarding financially, I can’t lie about that. I get good stuff at a good deal and that doesn’t make me or the products I use cheap! I just save money for other needs of mine.


I hear that!! ?

I agree - Thrifty doesn’t mean cheap quality. I have better curtains than I could ever afford because I bought them at GoodWill on 50% off Saturday. Same goes for certain other items.

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I Love Thrift Store Bargains!!!

I have learned that thrift stores do not always have the best bargains! I remarked to a lady next to me who was also looking at curtains at the thrift store," I could go to Boscov’s and have a better selection for the same price"! She agreed and we both bought none of them.

If it was a 1/2 price sale and they were still there, then ok. Our thrift store is so random on their % off’s, they don’t announce what color tag goes on sale until the morning of. They would do a better job of turning over sections if they were consistent, like JCClark’s Goodwill.

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I agree! Thrift stores have become VERY expensive for getting the items for free. My go-to places are- Tag/Yard sales and have always done very, very well. Sometimes people are so “Emotionally attached”+ to the items they are trying to sell, + think they are worth more than what they really are, they ask ridiculous prices, Knowing this is EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT", so I know they want to sell, otherwise the item wouldn’t be out in the yard, right? So, I will offer a tad more, + if they refuse, I’ll say, I’ll go back at the end of the day and 8 times out of 10, I end up with it for no more than $2 than I offered in the 1st place. Keep in mind, I ONLY DO THIS WITH ITEMS I REALLY, REALLY, WOULD LIKE, but, I have no problem walking away…Good Luck

My husband is extremely savvy and has been able to get expensive items that I don’t consider a “NEED” vs a Want. A want is someone I’ll save for, have a yard sale to get it, But, here’s a great tip, my husband does Surveys Online and I will give you a brief list of what he’s been able to get by doing these surveys online. He has all the time in the world and I COULD NOT BELEIVE the items we have, totally + completely FREE! We have gotten-

  1. A brand new Portable dishwasher that Kicks BUTT! 2. A small Mini-fridge that we use on our 3- season porch for cold drinks, dips and such. 3. He’s a musician and was able to purchase (with bonus bucks sent to him for surveys) an entire amplifier set with speakers and 2 microphones, He plays guitar, both, acoustic and electric and we have a blast with them! 4. A beautiful black with pearl inlay Fender acoustic guitar-to go with the “Others”. 5. On Valentine’s Day I received a delivery of 1700, yes seventeen hundred, 2 bags of 850 Tootsie Rolls (I love them!) and 2 Boxes of really excellent Raffaello specialty candy.

Now, he gets real $ that adds up from multiple companies that he does surveys for, anyone can do these! Take advantage!! Also, many companies will send you items to try and then you must fill out a survey, and you may get really good coupons or more free items! What’s to lose? Nothing, if your bored and out of work, punch into google SURVEYS with pay and many companies will pop up. Some companies are better than others as well, it may look like it’s not worth it at first, but trust me, My husband is one savvy guy! Give it a shot! Thanks and Good Luck!

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Way to go, everyone! I shop online at Kohl’s but only when I have a 30% off coupon. I don’t know why, but the items I like are never in the actual store! I’ll purchase enough items so that the shipping is free and if something doesn’t fit or I don’t like it, I just return it in the store. Although, right now that is impossible because they closed the stores because of the coronavirus. Stay well and keep being thrifty!!

Hi Choose$freedom,

Can you share some of the Google Survey sites? Looks like you are doing very well with your freebies!

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Totally relate about garage sales, which are an Olympic event in Indiana. And thrift stores are good, too. One thing that I like to do is shop for video games on–it’s got a great game selection and a money-back guarantee. This is embarrassing to admit, but I’ve bought more than 100 games from the site, most while they were on sale. And no, I haven’t played them all. I only play a handful at a time. It gives me something to do during quarantine!

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Here is New England, spring and summer saturdays are definately for yard saling, but during the year my go to is Kohls, great sales, cash back and coupons. My boyfriend always jokes that even if we ever hit the lottery i’ll still look for discounts when i buy items.

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I saw this quote the other day - “Shopping secondhand is like a treasure hunt. It takes time to learn how to bargain shop, but you can become a money saving thrift store shopper by planning ahead and being prepared.” Sara Noel

It kind of resonated with me because of our thread here. Even when not shopping secondhand it is a good idea to plan ahead and be prepared. If I go in a store (any kind) and do not have a plan, I will just wander around and either buy something that I really don’t need or want or not get anything and then when I get home, I remember what I wanted or needed!

You can still uncover some great bargains by just wandering around. We learned this first hand last week. A new store near us, called LIDL, offers their produce that has fallen out of prepackaged bags or has a short shelf life. Odds and ends really. They place the assortments in a box labeled" $0.30/lb, Too Good To Waste". We got about a 5lb assortment of pears, mini-peppers, potatoes, & apples for about $1.75. We never would have discovered it if not for walking around.

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