Product rebates

Curious how everyone uses product rebates – or IF you do. I admit I don’t generally pay attention or bother with them, though they are easy money in your pocket. But I was at Target last night and got tempted into an impulse buy of two bottles of champagne (Tis the season, right? ? It said if you buy two, you get $5 back. I thought it would be $5 off at the register, but when I didn’t see the credit on my receipt I checked and it was a rebate from the brand. I’m supposed to get an email with the rebate but haven’t yet.
Sometimes I’ll notice a tag on something I’m buying that you have to mail (like in an actual envelope with a stamp) with a copy of your receipt. It seems like such a throwback, but if you send it you really will get the money. Silly to pass up easy cash, right?


Seeing this reminded me of the last time I saw a product rebate offered with my purchase.

I bought a grill and inside the box was a rebate for purchasing a certain brand of propane. I had actually already bought that exact brand so I figured “great I can get a little bit back for my purchase”

Needless to say I never got around to mailing the coupon in to get the rebate.

I think the companies that offer rebates are smart because they know it will incentivize people to buy things and only a small percentage of people will actually cash in on the rebate.

I personally just prefer to purchase stuff online and use cashback websites because then I know I am getting a deal and generally it will be on something I was already planning to buy anyways.


I take every advantage of coupons, rebates, BOGOs, cash back I can but my caveat is that I don’t get lured into buying something I normally would not. I’ve prolly stated this in other posts on PH, but I would prefer none of the coupons, etc existed and the companies would just lower their prices for all. It takes a lot of my time to stay on top of it. Luckily I’m retired and make the time. I just did apply for an energy rebate we qualify for with new windows and the requirements were repetitve and annoying. I had to supply copies of the UV ratings stickers that had all the information that I then had to duplicate on a form. I had to calculate the sq footage and do their work for them and even caculate the rebate I’m entitled to, copies of the permit and contract. Yes, glad to get the rebate but the jumps-through-hoops info they required me to provide was a bit over the top.


If there is a rebate and I want the product and it is a better value than an off brand, I will go for it. But if the off brand is a better deal by a good margin, then go after that and forgo the rebate. I love rebates, and see them mostly on alcohol products, if it is a product we like, I’ll do the rebate. In the past I used to be a rebate monger, going after all I could find & they were more plentiful then. I can tell you how driven it was, I paid for our 2 sons tuition to go to private elementary school and it was money well spent.

I agree with mintjulep, just reduce the price.


I’m enticed by rebates on bigger ticket items where it adds up to a somewhat substantial amount, e.g. on a laptop, t.v. or other essential item that needs to be upgraded after every 5-10 years. Saving $5 here or there isn’t worth the hassle if I have to mail in an offer and wait several weeks for a check in the mail.


i feel if its worth the price and you want it go for it, and get the rebate


The rebates/coupons inside the Target store are a hassle for me. I bought two Native deodorants to get a $5 coupon. The next time I shopped at Target, the cashier forgot to scan the $5 coupon and then I had to go to customer service to get it corrected. I ended up getting $5 in cash.

I also prefer to shop online or use cash back apps. I connected my Target app to Ibotta. Fetch Rewards and Rakuten are awesome and easier to use.

For bigger purchases, I definitely take advantage of the rebates. I paid my contact lenses (dailies) in full for one year at my eye doctor, submitted the forms online and received a $150 VISA gift card.


I like rebates too, and I don’t see them as much now (except for large appliance packages). Now, I don’t want to bother unless I can do it immediately, electronically. Fooling around with the pieces of paper and storing it with an envelope, only to not be able to find it in time to mail is too much bother. And yes, Rakuten is awesome.


I still do rebates from time-to-time. Menards is a store that runs an 11% rebate most of the year.

If I purchase an appliance or something else large for my home (from any store), I like to check with the electric or gas company as they do post rebates available for certain HVAC/appliance/new window upgrades. I figure, if I’m buying it regardless I’m fine picking up the extra rebate money. You can even search the web for rebates on a certain product.

My rule is if the rebate is more than the cost of the stamp and envelop, I should consider it. Honestly, the post office makes it easy to purchase stamps via a self-service kiosk (even one or two at a time).

PiNaY is right on with the Target rebates/coupons with their Circle program. It takes me forever to shop there searching their app. Too much hassle.

These responses are great! So much helpful advice. I never did get an email from Target with my $5 rebate. I will keep that in mind next time a sign in the store lures me in.
A couple people have mentioned Rakuten… in case you’re wondering how it works, here’s a story on The Penny Hoarder about it:…verpay-online-email/

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Yes, always submit for them and track them in notebook… usually within 3 days of purchase as to not let it get away from me. Last rebate was on my truck bed cover… that $150 back made it a much better purchase than the total $370… so net $220 and took like 50 some days to get money back

If it’s something that’s convenient and the rebate is for something I actually need (I don’t really buy a lot of stuff) – then absolutely.

Though so far I haven’t run into super easy rebates for items that I buy. I haven’t needed to use rebates on bigger ticket items since my apartment comes with appliances already, and the small sofa we got for like $100 off.

On a semi-related tangent: whenever I want to buy new clothes or something, I try to shop through outlet stores where you get 40%+ off even for popular brands. Saves the hassle of rebates, but with the same benefit.