Amazon purchases

I read awhile back about some apps to use when ordering online. Planning on making several purchases on Amazon. Was Ebates one of them? Are there others?


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Ebates is a great one! I’ve actually heard of the Honey browser extension too that might be worth looking into. Another is Paribus – I’ve known a few people to get money back on Amazon purchases with that too.



Thanks for info

I have used Ebates a lot in the past and have gotten quite a few nice little checks from them for cashback on travel purchases and online shopping.

Lately however I have been using Be Frugal as they generally tend to always offer a little more cashback at most stores than Ebates.

I do have to say that I have not cashed out with them yet.

They do offer a $10 bonus (message me for info) for signing up and they offer quite a few ways to cash out including gift cards that you can cash out when your balance is as low as $5.

I will be cashing out soon as my balance is nearly $40, I just have $10 that is pending.

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Ebates, Honey, Be Frugal, Coupon Cabin, Shop at Home. Just to name a few online cash back extensions for Google.

Yep, Ebates is now called Rakuten.

Yes, I recently purchased a laser thermometer for child…non touch…

Very pricy.

  1. I ordered it from Amazon…

  2. My Traceability research revealed:

It was sent by another supplier.

The supplier received it from another,

Supplier across the globe who did not supply the warranty in English.

But : I could buy an extra warranty when

I first ordered the thermometer.

We even had a thread email communication for three days; I sent photos of everything in my possession supporting my concerns about this purchase. Very nice communication showed concern for my concern.

Then for three days; no reply from supplier. Crickets.


To me, it was a $79.oo investment in home health care.

I returned it. Got a full refund.

For some Amazon departments and several other stores … both online and off: