Retired, where did you find good jobs for seniors who need to work?

Social Security isn’t meeting the bills so I need to find a job. Where are the good jobs for Seniors?

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Hi Rich,

Are you a member of AARP? If so, check out their website for job ideas and actual job listings. They just had a Networking seminar yesterday at a local hotel, but I missed it. Depending on your skills, also check out Simply Hired, Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor, Snag-a-Job, etc., and of course, the jobs board here on Penny Hoarder, especially for remote work.

Here’s one idea: Telephone interviewing, easy to get into, interesting surveys, get to talk to people from all over, and usually pays at least $9-$11 or more depending on the company and where you live. The scheduling is flexible, usually evenings but some daytime hours as well. The reason I recommend is that I did that back in my 20s in the evenings for a General Motors division in Detroit (needed to make car payments for my Datsun B210 Honeybee, I’ll have you know!). Later, I did the same type of work for a political survey company and became an editor there.

I’m in my 60s now and have also done it here in Houston but stopped last year because I can no longer work onsite; I can only do part-time remote work now. Many of their employees were seniors, along with college students, etc., a good mix.

Hi Rich, we recently published this story about side gigs that are well-suited for seniors. If you’re looking to supplement your Social Security but don’t want a full- or even part-time job, maybe one of these apps could help you. Best of luck, and let us know how things work out!…s/jobs-for-retirees/

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There are so many jobs out there for seniors. Companies are always looking for part time workers. Do an online job search, one of the biggest that I recommend is Indeed. I also always encourage people to make a nice profile on LinkedIn. I would encourage you to make a list skills you have and then search for companies or businesses that match those skills. You can also filter by part-time jobs, seasonal or entry level. If you want to to stay in your areas being a receptionist or checkin person for local business is a really convenient job for things like apartment buildings, doctor’s offices or gyms. If you want to work from home, you could do something like customer service or data entry.

@molly.moorhead I think it is absolutely awesome how The Penny Hoarder publishes so much valuable information to help in almost any financial situation!