Retirement budgets: Planned vs reality

Planning for retirement seems like a moving target. There are so many things to account for when making a retirement budget. New costs emerge while other expenses go away.

I’m curious to hear how your expenses and budget have changed in retirement. What are you spending less money on then you were before retirement? What are you spending more on? And how does it align with your retirement plans?

After all, perfect planning can’t account for everything. Let me know what you’ve experienced, along with any tips for other people nearing retirement.


Both my parents retired earlier than they expected to – mostly due to pressure from their employers of 20+ years (but that’s a whole other story). They were glad they lived frugally and had their houses paid off so they could live comfortably on their budget of savings, IRAs and pensions.

I hope I’m on the same track, although you don’t find many workplaces that offer pensions these days.


Some expenses did fall away, but others increased, such as unexpected medical costs. I do have an HSA, but I don’t want to use it because I may need it much later.