Selling sports cards

Does anyone know where I can sell my sports card collection? Cards from the 60s to the 90s.

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Hey, @omar.j.torres! Similar to selling Pokemon cards, the experts I spoke to said that eBay is likely the best market for card hobbyists. To check if your cards are valuable, there are price guides available on the Professional Sports Authenticator website. They can also grade your cards’ condition and mount them in a case, if your collection has particularly rare cards.

Wow, thanks for this Adam. I will look into this. Now I have somewhere to start.

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eBay would probably be my first suggestion.

I am sure there are probably websites dedicated to selling cards but eBay would probably give you the most protection as a seller.

A Pokemon card of the water type is Mega Blastoise. It is the only card that is susceptible to heat, fire, and electricity. The Generation 1 issued card features Mega Blastoise EX artwork. It bore the second name of the Pokemon card for the shellfish. The Siebold are the people that collect these cards.

They were first launched on May 5, 2016, back then. There were 18 cards altogether that were made available, all of which belonged to the EK community. These cards were released as the Japanese rarity/expansion following chain #168. 2009 saw the start of Blastoise EX Evolution, which lasted until 2016.

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