Should I trade options in the stock market or the crypto market?

Hi :speech_balloon: I’m 30 years old and now living in Germany. I’ve some savings in my bank account that I want to invest in options trading. I’m considering whether to trade in the established stock market or the emerging crypto market. While the stock market has a history of years of development, the cryptocurrency market shows a lot of potential. I need help from experienced traders to guide me in making this important decision!!! :pray:


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Hey @Phoebe_Dahl, welcome! I would steer to the side of being conservative with your investments, i.e. investing longterm in the boring old stock market. While no one can really predict the future, stocks (more specifically index funds) have consistently proven to be a good investment over the years.

That said, I don’t know much about crypto. You could always invest most of your extra money in stocks and give yourself some “fun” money each month to play the crypto market.


I think options contract in stock market and cryptocurrency market are both worth trading. In stock market, you can trade options on CBOE, NYSE or NASDAQ. But stock trading might depend on each country’s policy. In contrast, in cryptocurrency market, you are allowed to trade crypto options worldwide.

Hey there! Considering the potential boom in the crypto market in 2023, it might be a good idea to focus on crypto options. However, diversifying your portfolio by trading both crypto options and stock options could be a smart move. By doing so, you can take advantage of the established stock market while also capitalizing on the emerging crypto market's potential. Seek guidance from experienced traders who can provide insights tailored to your goals and risk tolerance. Good luck with your investment journey!

Given the tremendous potential of the crypto market and its projected boom in 2023, it seems like an exciting opportunity for you. I would advise considering crypto options as your primary focus. However, diversification is key to managing risk, so don’t overlook the established stock market. By trading both crypto options and stock options, you can diversify your portfolio and position yourself for potential growth. Reach out to experienced traders who can guide you through this important decision and help you navigate the dynamic world of options trading. Wishing you success and prosperity!

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