Should We Be Concerned About Omicron?

I fully expect this new variant to already be in the US, so how bad is the fear-mongering going to affect the markets? Where would you park 50k right now?


It’s hard to say exactly but I would say it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

If there are more shutdowns or travel restrictions, I would say it would be a good thing to be on higher alert as it would signal the market is probably heading in the same direction as at the start of this pandemic.

At this point, my only advice to people would be to be ready just in case we have another great opportunity to enter the market even more like we had back in March of 2020.


There are many reasons to be concerned about it. I’d imagine any affects it’d have on the markets would only be short-term.


If by ‘concerned’ you mean buying when the market panics so you can make a very sweet profit when things progress, then yeah let’s all be ‘concerned’.


Buy low, Sell high. In other words, keep cash on hand in case the stock market pulls back.

Santa Claus rally coming up soon, so expect a pullback in January 2022.

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