Are you worried about a stock market crash?

Is anyone feeling nervous about the stock market lately? The S&P 500 is down nearly 10% this year, which could make January the worst month for the stock market since the apocalypse that was March 2020.

If you’re worried about a stock market crash, are you doing anything to prepare for it? On the flip side, if the stock market crashed, would you use it as an opportunity to invest more?

About a year ago, I got a letter from a 28-year-old man who was wondering whether to cash out his retirement savings of about $100K to prep for a crash.…-cash-out-of-stocks/ He figured that using his money to pay off his mortgage had a guaranteed return in that he’d save money on the interest, whereas stock returns are never guaranteed.

Clearly, he’s made a lot of smart decisions if he’s 28 with $100K in retirement savings and owns his home. Cashing out would be a huge mistake in his case, though. Stock market returns aren’t guaranteed, of course. But over a long enough time horizon, S&P 500 returns have always been positive. Plus, he’d take a big hit between the income taxes and 10% early withdrawal penalty.

For those who are retirement age, I do think now is a good time to review investments and make sure you have enough cash on hand so you don’t have to sell investments when the market has already tanked. Too often, people only prepare for a stock market crash once it’s already happened.

I’m not especially nervous about a stock market crash. But I’m 38, so I realistically have quite a while until retirement and I can expect several more crashes during my career. Then again, I remember the sinking feeling in my stomach when I checked my 401(k) and Roth IRA balances in March 2020. It’s easy to say right now that I’m not worried. But when the market is actually crashing, it can be tough to keep emotions in check.

Has the topsy-turvy stock market affected your investment strategy lately?


We are nervous, but working with our advisor to manage it. BTW, she calls it a market ‘correction’ haha. Our monies are diversified and we will be ok when it does correct. It’s not fun though- I am NOT a risk taker.

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As someone in my late 30s, I’m not super worried about a potential stark market crash/correction. If this happens again in 20 years, well, then I’ll be hyper vigilant!

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Yes, especially since I’m all in the market and on crypto at the moment. Today’s market action (01/28) was very bullish though.

I do think we are very near the bottom channel and will trend higher. In my opinion, it would be foolish to sell here and holding is the way to profit.

If you’re in meme stocks or tech stocks, you’ve likely taken a big hit (like me).

I’m currently looking for ways to make extra money aside from my job so I can add to this dip.

If you’re invested in index funds and the like, you’re fine. If your portfolio is tech heavy, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. For me, I’m eyeing $SOFI and $PTON here, they have been massively beaten up and I am going long.


No, as I don’t let those hiccups affect my investing prose. As a matter of fact, I look forward to these dips in the markets, as a means to pick up more shares of quality stocks. Here I’ll give you a rundown of the various stocks, BDC’s, REITS, CEF’s, ETF’s that I currently own. Here are their ticker symbols, MAIN, DRE, RA, IEP, STAG, ET, MO, CSWC, OHI, QYLD, XYLD, RYLD, ECF, BCV, IRM, KEN, ZIM, UTG. Look them up and comment back to me as to what I own. Do you want to know what is really awesome about these dips, I get more shares when the dividends kick in during this time of market fluctuations. ( I, D.R.I.P.). About you only being 38 years young, lol, you have nothing to fear, just keep on investing your money wisely. Do you still write for ‘TMF’ ?

I also am currently watching/tracking a few other companies/ETF’s to consider purchasing and as always do your own Due Diligence.

As a side note, I am 58 and have been investing for 30 years now and have owned a few loser stocks along the way.

P.S. Here is a simple way to invest, If you smoke cigarettes, buy the stock that makes them, you pay an electric bill, buy the stock of the company you pay for your electric service, if you take meds, buy the stock of the manufacturer of your meds, own a cell phone, buy the stock of that company, along with the cell phone provider of service. No need to purchase large amounts of shares at once, buy just one, five, ten, twenty shares at a time, whatever you can afford to buy and make it dividend-paying stocks, to achieve that monthly added income. Shop at Walmart, buy the stock, shop at Target, buy the stock, shop at Kroger, buy the stock.

Feel free to comment to me/ask questions about these choices/concerns that you might have, I will reply back to all who may have questions. Anybody can ask me/PM me.

Have Fun People :slight_smile:


The market will correct eventually. Investing is a long road. I had a young woman tell me she’s terrified of a dip. I reminded her dips create opportunities to buy at a cheaper price. Panic and you could be sorry. Just keep your cool. A lot of us have a decade or several prior to retirement.

And, play it smart. Avoid investing emergency fund money or money you will need in the near future. Investments are for the future.


Prices go up and down in the short-term, as sure as the sun rises and sets everyday. If you zoom out to a 30y horizon though, if you’re well diversified there should be nothing to worry about (unless the entire economy collapses).

So I’m not really worried about a stock market crash because I’m not planning on liquidating any time soon for cash so it’s not really something I consider. Maybe just as a buying signal to load more money into the market.


It was a little heartbreaking seeing my numbers go down, but I reminded myself that they’ll bounce back. This is also a good time to buy more while prices are low.


of course i think we all worry about it