Student Loan - Public Service Loan Forgiveness (Income-Based) - Payment Decrease?

I just recently sent my information in for the income based student loan program under the public service loan forgiveness program. I noticed that my monthly payment decreased even though my salary increased (modest increase). Does this typically happen after you have been paying your loans for awhile? I have been paying for about 6-7 years now and every year it increased, but this year it decreased.

Same here! I wondered that myself. I am continuing to make payments above the minimum, but not too much since it is SUPPOSED to be forgiven.

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Correct. Just thought it was super weird, but no complaints.

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Even if it has decreased, if you can afford to make the payments you’re currently making or were expecting to pay more, I’d make a higher payment. Perhaps the interest rate decreased, and your payment was adjusted accordingly?


Thanks. Didn’t think about the interest rate, but I will try and make more payments.