Tossing 7.00 in trash bags a month!!

I am single and only require 1 box of garbage bags, but I stand and look at the outrageous price KNOWING they are trash bound. Ha Ha! After owning horses all o=f my life I found the 50 lb feed bags to be sturdier, less, breaking and FREE! Go to a local stable and they will happily save them for you. get the plastic ones.

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Hi Annette,

It is difficult to buy/get plastic trash bags and realize they are on a 1 way trip to a landfill, and to breakdown over a very long period of time depending on the quality of them. It would be a better investment for all concerned about the environment to recycle these feed bags or better yet find an alternative use, such as container gardening. A doable solution would be to compost, recycle, & use paper bags whenever possible.

Stables are not nearby for many of us and the trip there would not be too practical with the cost of car care, gas, insurance…only to add to the environmental strain we are currently experiencing.

I know it’s a hot topic, but I reuse the ‘single use’ garbage bags from stores for trash, carting kid stuff around, dirty clothes, and so many other things. I hate that they are phasing them out. The real ‘single use’ bags are the trash can liners.

Hi Annette, I have horses as well. I always use the feed bags at the barn but didn’t even think to use the rest in my home garbage. You are brilliant. Thank you.

Great idea and a great way to make use of something that would otherwise be discarded without being put to second use.

I don’t live near any stables but my wife and I will reuse grocery bags as well as any spare boxes that are otherwise just getting sent to the dumpster.