Travel Insurance

Hi. What’s a good insurance to have just for travelling internationally like the Philippines?

@dancas when I went to Grand Cayman I used because we were worried about hurricanes Instead, we got routed to Charlotte and had to stay overnight due to weather. They were awesome! they covered hotel, food, and rental car! Well worth it.


Hi Dereks. Thank you for this info. I’l look into this.

@dancas Read the fine print – I used travel insurance for a trip to Greece and found out they have some very strict guidelines for claims…which, in many cases, doesn’t make it worth it. Buyer beware.

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Thank you, Theodora. I will keep that in mind.

If you’re a veteran or family member of a veteran, there’s Veterans Advantage, which has evacuation insurance for a small fee. Not sure about health insurance, but I know the evacuation insurance covers medical reasons and could save you a bundle if, God forbid, you need it.