Unemployment Benefits - Part Time Job

I was furloughed for 30 days from my part time job. I am fortunate to still have my full time job which is where most of my income comes from. My part time job did pay well so the extra money I will be missing will hurt a little. Any recommendations on whether I am eligible for any unemployment benefits??

Not sure. Ask Ms. Penny.

What is stopping your from applying? Even if you aren’t eligible you can apply. If you get denied, then you have the answer. The longer you delay applying, the longer it will take to get your compensation.


@leon I addressed your question in a different thread yesterday, but I’d echo what @jeremym says: As long as you accurately fill out the application, it would be worth applying and seeing if there’s anything you qualify for. I don’t see any harm in applying (beyond all the headaches of getting through to the unemployment office).

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Google for your states Unemployment Web site. Use that to get an account and sign up. A few easy questions gets you an answer in a week or so. You go back to the web site to see results more quickly but it takes a week or more. Move around the website to find out where what is at. They also sent a paper letter with results. Be patient and don’t panic until you actually see dates and benefits amounts.

good luck

Any work from home apps

I’m echoing other’s responses and saying IDK, but you should definitely apply and find out!