Wedding Reception

Which location would be better for a wedding to save money?, church, forest, or beach?

Skip it?

I was just married (Feb 2021) and we had it in a church. We only had to make a donation- no set amount. The priest waived his fee during COVID (He was a sweet old man who I think did this because we got married on his anniversary). We contacted a local small restaurant and asked about renting their back room- they gave it to us at no cost. We only paid for meals. Did it after hours when they were closed. Hotels were discounted since not a lot of people are traveling. The only thing that was not discounted was my dress! All told, including dinner and drinks (and my dress and donations) for 15 people (family), the wedding and two night ‘honeymoon’ was $1600.

You can find ways to keep the cost down for sure!