What to buy (and not buy) from Fourth of July Sales 2019

It is the Red, White, and blue season. From a girl’s nail paint to the sales rack, you will see star-spangled things everywhere.

Fourth of July comes to boost the patriotic spirits in every American. From fireworks, parades, festivities to a BBQ bash at the backyard, desserts, and mocktails, you will see the colors of freedom all around. To sparkle the patriotic holiday celebrations, retailers offer colossal deals. But do not get crazy over the exciting deals and make an impulsive buying decision.

Spend your money wisely on Fourth of July shopping. Find which products are the best buys and not suitable.

What to buy in Fourth of July sales 2019

Make sure you buy the right stars and stripes products from fourth of July deals. These are the “to buy” things for this year.


You will need fireworks to accentuate those holidays and 1 to 3 of July is the best time to hit the stores and buy those gleaming firecrackers.

Patriotic gears

Celebration of independence would not have been completed with patriotic gears. Join the Fourth of July parade in the Red, White and Blue dress, buy flags or banners from the sales rack.

Meat for a BBQ Bash

Independence Day celebrations are synonymous with barbecue. So don’t forget to put some fresh meat in your shopping basket to enjoy grilling delights with your friends and family.

BBQ Grills

Outdoor grills score the second rank in Fourth of July season sale. So don’t miss a chance to grab some biggest steals on BBQ grills and enjoy the flavors of freedom.

Outdoor gear

Many people like to go on camping or enjoy outdoor activities on the Fourth of July holiday. That’s why outdoor gears hold a decent share in the Fourth of July sales.

Patio furniture

Elevate the fun at the patio of your home by throwing a best BBQ party on this Fourth of July. Decorate the backyard with some new furniture because the ongoing fourth of July sales on patio furniture is excellent for savings.


Mattresses hold the biggest share and the first rank in Fourth of July sales 2019. You can grab up to 60% savings on mattresses from all the biggest as well as average retailers.

What to buy in Fourth of July sales 2019

These are the “not buy” things for this Fourth of July sales.

Laptops and tablets

Do not buy laptops and tablets on the Fourth of July sales. Not even when you see 50% off. Wait for the Amazon Prime Day which is famous for its tech deals. You can grab biggest deals not from Amazon prime but also from Microsoft Store, Dell, eBay, and Newegg.


Many retailers release new exciting big deals on HDTVs on Black Friday in July and Amazon Prime Day. So if you want to snatch biggest steals, then do not buy HDTVs from the 4th of July sales.

Smart home appliances

You can get up to 40% off during the Black Friday Sales in July from Sears, Best Buy, and brands like Samsung, and Kenmore. They will offer excellent deals on stovetops, washer-dryers, fridges, and other major smart home appliances.

How crazy is it that mattresses are a great item to buy this time of year?

I do need a TV… guess I’ll wait!


I need a new laptop - a great tip to wait for Amazon Prime Day!


I have to buy bathroom vanities for my 4th of July. I had to throw out the vanities because of mold in them and on back of them. I’m hoping to find some that are about to be replaced/discontinued with new lines if they do that sort of thing with vanities. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

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Yes, Amazon Prime day is the best time to shop laptop, tablet, and other electronics. And CCLEWter, you can get good bargains on bathroom vanities in the fourth of July sales.

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I need a new laptop. What does everyone have and what do you like and dislike about them?

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I was looking into a MacBook Pro (older model) for around $300 on Ebay since I’m not looking to spend too much. They have lots of good reviews @mskimberly. If you’re looking for something simple, Chromebooks are affordable and really easy to use.

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@Briana I have never been good on MacBooks. I just red about the Chrome the other day, and there was one thing it does not have that I need. Don’t remember what it is. I don’t know if they improved the Chromebooks, but several years ago I saw one and the picture was not clear enough for me. Maybe I just need new glasses. I have some points on Amazon. Do you know if they take PayPal, too?

Yes, they do, and they’re always coming out with newer versions too. I can see clearly on mine @mskimberly

@briana Thank you! That is good news.